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Hip Sizes Affect Bicycle Seat Sizes

The human body is similar for both sexes. However, there are areas that are obviously different and not so obviously different. In regards to bicycles and their seats, these differences contribute quite significantly to the design of bicycles and their accessories. For example, as young boys grow older into puberty, their facial structure cha [...]

Bicycle Seats In The Wet

Cyclists all know that no matter how hard we try to keep the bicycle shiny and looking good, the components in tip top condition – it’s really an uphill battle. This is why we have factories and companies constantly having to churn out new parts on a regular basis. Taken from www.dutchamsterdam.nl/753-amsterdam-weather-october One of the par [...]

5 Things To Take On A Bicycle Ride

Photo from Sustainable Cities Collective – Article Bike riding for longer than the usual 15 minutes to the store and back should require a bit of preparation. There are things to consider such as the heat or cold which will impact on the level of hydration in your body. Then, think about the distances and the locations where the ride wi [...]