Tips For A Better Ride

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

Close fitting pants is better than loose pants as they might get stuck in the gearing system.

2. Take Spares

Obvious, but many fail to carry a spare patch and a tyre change tool. There are compact seat bags that carry spares quite well.

3. Choose The Right Seat

For short rides less than ten kilometers, there are good spongy types designed for men. These will suffice and help provide an enjoyable ride. Longer rides require firmer bike seats.

4. Wear Protective Gear

Of course, this is not the Tour De France, but you should always safeguard yourself in case of a mishap. A simple bicycle hardshell helmut or a spider leather type helmut will be great. Most riders have experienced all kinds of falls, so wearing safeguards will boost your confidence while enjoying the sights.

5. Carry Food and Water

A small knapsack with bananas, apples, some chicken and glucose biscuits would definitely make the ride enjoyable. Water bottles can be attached to the bicycle frame with an attachable bottle carrier. Rehydrating regularly throughout the ride will ensure longevity.

Cycling Gear

For the more serious bicycle riders, there are cycling gear which make up the full bicycle equipment. These are as follows:

1. Shirt

There are the Lycra, Cotton, Polyester/Lycra/Cotton varieties available. These are shirt which are more close fitting and aerodynamic. They normally have a zip to close the neck and chest with a pocket or two at the back to carry water or snacks.

2. Shorts

These shorts are normally in the Lycra or Polyester Mix variety and they have a leather (normally Chamois) insert in the groin area. They are comfortably tight fitting and cover most of the buttocks and thigh area. Apart from being pragmatic, the shorts make riders look good

3. Shoes

Depending on the type of ride and the type of peddles, we can shoes that match the occassion. Cycling shoes are similar to soccer boots except that they have a cleat which clips onto the peddle. Alternatively, for the casual rider, a good pair of joggers should be enough.

4. Gloves

Longer rides can be quite taxing on the hands and especially the knuckle and finger areas due to the constant road vibrations. Gloves are a combination of soft leather and cotton and they protect the hands from long-term damage

5. Helmuts

Cycling caps might look cool but they do not protect the head area very well. Plastic reinforced helmuts or leather spider type helmuts are ideal for the safety conscious rider.

6. Sunglasses

These are not the normal sunglasses but are specially designed for bicycle riding. They don't fall off but are held to the cyclist's head quite well. Protection from the sun glare is essential for long term health.

Finding The Right Bicycle Seat

We hope that you will be able to find the right kind of seat that matches your anatomy and bicycling lifestyle.

There are a wide variety of bike seats available for you to choose from. They are then categorized into soft, medium and firm or casual, serious and racer.

Soft Seats are normally cushioned with specialized gel, foam, or other types of cushioning. They offer the rider a comfortable ride and are best suited for the casual rider. Medium seats are generally longer than the soft type and also contain some form of cushioning for rides longer than 10 miles. The cushioning is thinner than the soft seats. Firm seats are built especially for the serious riders such as competitive cyclists and costs are higher than for other types.

For anyone wishing to purchase men's seats, there are other points to consider.


The length of the back part of a seat should allow for the narrower bone structure of the male anatomy. This will allow for more comfortable riding. So men's models are normally narrower than women's models.


The casual rider will want to pick a more comfortable, spongy or softer seat in order to enjoy the scenery whilst the more serious rider will be better off, choosing a firmer and longer type model. Any bicycle ride over ten kilometers or regular distance rides will be uncomfortable or even numbing with extra padding or extra gel.


A sort of rule of thumb guide to prices would be that the more casual ones are cheaper while those used for the serious racers are more pricey.

Ways to adjust your seat

1. Height check

- Slightly loosen the seat post at the bicycle frame junction and sit on top of the seat. Stretch one foot to touch the ground with your toes and the other to fit into the peddle. If the foot on the peddle is slightly bent and the knee is slightly bent whilst the other foot is fully stretched with the tip of the toes touching the ground, that's the right measurement. Tighten the seat post.

2. Wall or Post Measure

- Take the bicycle beside a wall or a post and then get onto the seat while leaning on wall or the post. Put both feet into the peddles and let them spin the peddles backward. One foot should be comfortably stretched and the other foot should at a higher level which means the thigh is almost horizontal. Not completely, but almost horizontal. Just as long the spin doesn't make you stretch too uncomfortably.

3. Horizontal Levelling

- Make sure the seat is not set at a diagonal with the nose pointed upwards. In a diagonal position, the nose will make the groin and private area quite sore after awhile. They should be set at a comfortable horizontal position to allow the crotch area to "breathe". Neither should the seat nose be pointed downwards as this will mean that the rider will continue to slide downwards and put more pressure on the arms, neck and the groin areas.

Check Out These Models

Serfas Men's RX Bicycle Saddle - RX-921

According to Amazon, this is part of the family of seats that started the low pressure revolution. One of it's main points would be that it greatly improves any numbness problems.

Customer reviews have been positive and with a relatively medium price tag, this is a great choice for almost all types of riders.

This model has the patented dual density and also ICS Technology. It has grooves cutout in the middle to ensure that men have optimal comfort for any kind of riding.

4.5 stars out of 5.Price:$37.00 to $55.00

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Selle Royal Premium Dardo Gel Athletic Bicycle Saddle

This is a high performance seat that is slimmer and lighter than your average model. One of it's benefits is the gel under the seat cover that eliminates pressure points and keeps the rider comfortable, even for long rides. The cover keeps the seat cool in hot weather. This is anatomically designed specially for men.

It boasts of being 20 percent lighter than normal due to it's design and manufacture.

Price:$40.00 to $50.00

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Avenir Men's Comfy Soft Top Saddle (Black)

A great product from Raleigh Bicycles. It would more suit short distance rides as it is built for comfort and maybe for larger people. If you are large built, then this model would be suitable.

The center has a recess to allow relief whilst riding. The foam is extra strong and really soft so that it is long lasting

Price:$25.00 to $30.00

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Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle with Gel

This seat has full length center recess for anatomic relief. This seat has received raving reviews for it's excellent relief design and overall performance. With the price at a medium, this seat among others is an excellent choice for everyone.

Price:$33.00 to $45.00

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Selle Italia Flite TI Men's Bicycle Saddle (Titanium Rails, Black)

This saddle comes with a new sculpted look. It has a long length that indicates that it is more designed for the serious racer. It is firm with closed cell foam padding and leather cover. This is a light bike seat with only 180 grams.

Price:$128.00 to $200.00

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Measuring Your Seat